The healthy forest – the spiritual forest – the learning forest – the co-designed forest

EFUF emphasizes the connection of practice and scientific knowledge, encouraging a variety of possible formats to contribute to the conference. Contributions may explore the urban forest as…

  • …. the healthy forest: sport, wellbeing and human health
    • Recreational activities with a special emphasis on outdoor sports and their management
    • New well-being activities: supply, conflicts and visitor management in urban forests
    • Urban forests and human health: interrelations, activities, management
  • … the spiritual forest: culture, religion and art
    • Diversifying cultural perceptions of forests and related forest use
    • Religious aspects of urban forests and trees, including sacred and funeral forests
    • The urban forest in art, art in the urban forest, the urban forest as inspiration
  • … the learning forest: research, laboratories and education
    • Forest laboratories as approaches for experiencing and transforming urban forests
    • Participatory planning and research in urban green infrastructure
    • Education for sustainable development and environmental education
  • … the co-designed forest: diverging interests, governance and urban forest management
    • Diversifying societal demands, conflicts and their management: conservation, recreation, wood production, ecosystem service provisioning and infrastructure development
    • New and experimental planning, design and management processes