EFUF2019 teams up with the Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald Köln e.V. and the Municipal Forest Adminstration of the City of Cologne to compensate the emissions caused by delegates’ transport to Cologne.  When registering for the conference, you can select the option to offset your flight within Europe (20 EUR) or your intercontinental flight (50 EUR).

As part of the “A Forest for Cologne” (Ein Wald für Köln) project, a total of 7.5 hectares of new forests have been reforested since 2010 in the forest laboratory in Cologne and Cologne-Merheim with donations from Cologne citizens, companies and associations. Since 2018, the project is creating the Third Forest for Cologne” in Cologne-Lindweiler. The forest (2.6 ha) will be established on land that has been used for agriculture and will improve the climate in the low-forested district. Local tree species such as oak, Norway maple, lime, hornbeam and bird cherry will be used. These species tolerate drought particularly well, a characteristic that will be highly important when the climate changes.

We hope that all delegates contribute to our effort, and invite you to help to plant our EFUF trees in autumn 2019.