Conferences come with a high ecological footprint, even when they are discussing green themes such as urban forestry. At EFUF 2019, we try to minimise the impact on the environment through the following means:

  1. Travelling to the conference venue is the activity with the highest impact. Cologne is centrally situated in Europe and well connected to a lot of European countries by high-speed trains. We encourge the participants to travel overland to the conference, through providing detailed guidelines and hands-on help on how to reach Cologne by train or bus. We consider offering a carbon compensation scheme for those participants that want to compensate their travel (by air or overland).
  2. We limit the use of paper and print. Print is on FSC-certified and/or recycled paper.
  3. When selecting caterers, we prefer local entrepreneurs who use locally-grown organic food, and/or with a fair trade label. We consider vegetarian-only lunches.