Institution: Arbor Aegis – Switzerland


Keywords: Urban Forestry, Ecosystem Services, I-TreeEco, Spatial Development, Best Management, Practices

Switzerland, in developing strategies to deal with the impact of a changing climate, has wisely chosen to focus on urban green and blue spaces in its scope and has awarded a grant to the submitted i-Tree Eco project, modeled in 6 diverse Swiss cities.

Given the demands of sprawling spatial development, the impact such development inflicts on the environment and thus, the public’s health and well-being, combined with an inadequate implementation of Urban Forestry protocols and Best Management Practices, it was necessary to frame i-Tree within a much larger context. The resulting project presents new and experimental planning, design and management strategies from an Ecosystem Services perspective.

This current undertaking uses i-Tree outputs – the quantifying of today’s tree-related Ecosystem Services (ES) – and invests that data into an Urban Forest Management Toolbox, enabling Climate Change adaptive Swiss Cities of tomorrow.

In addition to:

  • translation of i-Tree Manuals into German and French,
  • development of a multi-language i-Tree Eco “Field Cheat Sheet”,
  • training in the i-Tree Eco application and data collection,

Urban Forest Toolbox methodologies, based on city-specific analyses, will:

  • elucidate the use of i-Tree outputs as a foundation for creative, ES-oriented solutions to planning and managing an adaptive Swiss Urban Forest;
  • incentivize increasing mature tree canopy by growing the existing Urban Forest / Forest resource;
  • increase professional, decision-maker and the public’s understanding of the climate-relevant ES Services provided by a healthy, viable tree resource through innovative communication tools;
  • develop actionable strategies to realize a resilient and sustainable Urban Forest Ecosystem.

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