Institution: Institute of Urban Landscape Management – Germany


Keywords: Urban Forest, Advocacy For Urban Forest, Urban Transition, Citizen’s Participation, Integration of Stakeholders, Acceptance of Urban Transition

World is changing and urban areas are changing. The urban transition needs advocacy for Urban Forest and advocacy advertising to make UF part of the City Planning and part of livable cities.

It should be a common knowledge that Cities need trees. However, to make the urban transition sustainable the cooperation of policymakers, stakeholders and the public is required.

Professional circles (e.g. City Planners, Landscape Architects, Urban Foresters) all over the world are looking to “Smart Cities”. E.g. the City of Munich/Germany where (among others) two projects of urban transition are just in the focus. One project is “Smarter Together”. The EU Commission has chosen Munich, Lyon and Vienna to pilot ground-breaking smart city solutions. It is turning Munich into a laboratory for the European city of the future, as local government collaborates closely with numerous partners in the business and academic communities.

The research project will answer the question: What are the interests of policymakers, stakeholders and the public? What do citizens living in the area know about the future of their neighbourhood? How could citizens’ participation be improved in order to increase the acceptance of both projects? What can we learn for the future to increase the cooperation between policymakers, stakeholders and the public?

First results show that the cooperation between the policymakers, stakeholders and the public is poor. Although there is a lot of citizens’ participation, the concerns of people living in the area are not taken seriously, at least people do not feel that their concerns are considered. This could be a risk for the acceptance and the implementation of the whole process.

Other results and observation will be presented with the hope to improve the citizens’ participation in other projects of urban transition and to establish Urban Forest.

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