The Waldlabor Cologne was founded in 2010 by the the City of Cologne. Based on the design of lohrberg stadtlandschaftsarchitektur (Stuttgart) different forms of woodland/forests were planted and arranged as a public area (Factsheet Waldlabor Cologne). The Waldlabor is well accepted by the local people but scientists figured out that people did not really know about the features of the Waldlabor (especially the periodically harvesting of trees) and made use of the forests only in traditional ways (biking, walking dogs). 

In parallel – and in cooperation with EFUF 2019 – a hands-on workshop will take place in the Waldlabor KölnStudents will camp onsite and intervene by cutting, pruning and so on. Doing so, they created fascinating and inspiring places that shed a new light on the Waldlabor and disclosed its experimental character.  The Institute of Landscape Architecture (RWTH Aachen) invites scholars and students from the EFUF network and beyond to participate.

Call (Waldlabor Call flyer)

We address two groups:

  1. scholars with their students – we offer 4 international groups  to participate (scholars might also take part in the EFUF meeting but should guarantee a supervision of students in the Waldlabor most of the time)
  2. single students – we offer 10 students to participate (they are supervised in mixed groups by the other teachers)

Costs: The City of Cologne offers a students’ work camp onsite which minimizes costs for accommodation. Some other costs (lunch, material) are covered by sponsors.

For registration please write an email to: Sigrid Tillmanns, Institute of Landscape architecture, Deadline: 31.12.18 


  • Tuesday 21 May 2019: Come Together & Thematic Introduction, Walk around
  • Wednesday 22 May 2019: Sketches of Initial Ideas & Starting an Intervention
  • Thursday 23 May 2019: Cutting and Pruining & Braiding and Burning & Adding and Hiding
  • Friday 24 May 2019: Finalising & Presenting to EFUF
  • Saturday 25 May 2019: Camp striking