During the excursion you will get to know the generous park landscape of the Cologne Outer Green Belt. Mixed deciduous forests, meadows and ponds characterise Cologne’s largest recreation area, which has been created in the last 100 years. Today it is an outstanding example of the implementation of a coherent green system in urban space. You have the possibility to experience this area actively. For this purpose we offer you the excursion in different variants: walking, running or cycling.

  • Hike (10 km): the tour takes you through the historical parts of the Outer Green Belt, which were built between 1900 and 1929. The historical design concept will be preserved as part of the management. A modern element is a fitness course, while the Fort Deckstein is a relic of the former fortress belt. The Deckstein pond is an artificial lake in the formalistic style of the 1920s. The route leads through species-rich mixed deciduous forests of the post-war period to the Forest Laboratory (Waldlabor), the latest reforestation project in Cologne.
    Route: City Forest extension (1920), Adenauer Pond, Fitnessparcours, City Forest (1900), Lindentaler Zoo, Arboretum (1955), Outer Green Belt (1927), Decksteiner Pond, Fort Deckstein, Green Belt extension (1964), Forest Laboratory (2010).
  • Run lap (13 km): CANCELLED.
  • Bike tour (27 km): on this tour you can experience the Outer Green Belt in its full extent. The dimensions of the complex with its diverse landscape impressions and recreational opportunities are particularly well experienced. At the turning point of the journey, in the area of the Forest Botanical Garden, the result of a long-term and far-sighted green planning becomes clear, by which a coherent green system could be created in Cologne.
    Route: Sport University, City Forest extension (1920), Adenauer Pond, Arboretum (1955), Outer Green Belt (1927), Decksteiner Pond, Fort Deckstein, Clubhouse FC Köln, Fitnessparcours, Southern Outer Green belt (1927), Kalscheurer Pond, Green Belt extension (1964), Forest Botanical garden, Friedenswald (1980), Forest Laboratory (2010), Sport University (shower facilities).

Map including the sites in the Outer Green Belt